Picking the right caregiver

1. Do you know your caregiver will be there everyday, on time, for your loved one?

2. Does your caregiver candidate have the potential to be hostile, aggressive, or be a high risk for substance abuse or sexual harassment?

3. Does your caregiver candidate have a criminal history?

4. Have you met your caregiver or are you inviting a stranger into your home?

Nightingale Senior Care does the following:

1. Checks each caregivers professional references, any hint of absenteeism and we move on to the next candidate. We routinely check two or more of a candidate’s professional references.

2. We have every candidate complete The Caregiver Quality Assurance behavioral assessment. This tool helps assure that the people caring for your loved one are trustworthy, dependable, and have the attitude and personality skills needed to provide top quality care.

3. We are partnered with a premier security company that performs a background check on all prospective employees. Know who you hire.

4. Nightingale Senior Care personally interviews its caregiver candidates and offers the same opportunity to every prospective client, to meet the caregiver before deciding to hire us.

If you follow these guidelines, consistently, you have a greater likelihood of being pleased with your choice in in-home care companies and caregivers.

Caregiver Quality Assurance